Teac Tascam Back Bushes news

As most people know these back bushes havea habit of crumbling to pieces, Chris from Lincoln wanted a Tascam 32/34/38 back bush but i did not have one and sent him one of my old Teac 3440 back bushes , they are the ones with the line cut in the rear for a belt and they fitted his newer Tascam.

I am not sure if the newer ones can be used in the older models but it seems they work fine, so thats a result

Expecting a Portastudio one in next week, I want to see if the knobs from that fit the Fostes R8 vari-speed as thats always missing.

The weekend I will desolder some TSR bargraphs if anyone needs them

Managed to relist 100 items today on ebay.

The Pram saga continues as the Mrs drove over it seems a hawthorn bush so 10pm at night fixing tyres.

life goes on at the Ninjas place




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