Fostex R8 metal pulley motor cogs are in

Fostex R8 metal pulley motor cogs are in

Just arrived today, need find some 3mm set/grub screws and we are away

There are still thousands of Fostex R8,s out there I am surprised by how many of these machines they sold but for trying music out at home or away they was very popular simply because of their portability

The reel cogs/Gears go on them all the time as were just pressed plastic, this is because of use or more often old sticky tape or people using the thicker studio tape which the machine was not designed for, many of these machine have been dumped over the years simply because of this item.

One man was making some with 3D printing but it was not very reliable same situation with other plastic pulleys pressed into service from robotic and printer spare parts.

I found a very old clockmaking factory and have had these produced especially for Tascam Ninja


They were and are not cheap in aluminium with a proper bush like on the earlier A models.

They fit the machine here I have to hand perfectly but i might be tempted to grind half a mm off the bush as quite close to the motor housing.


In answer to a question yes these simply slide on and are tightened with a set scew inside (many people think its missing but its there)

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Hi I just ordered two of these pulleys. Do they simply sliding in like the original plasti pulleys. What about the grub screws and grinding the bush down? These will work without modification right? Thank you again!

Gabriel Bravo

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