Teac EM1449 EM1446 EM1540 PCB 51675661 motors and general INFORMATION CCW CW

Teac EM1449 EM1446 EM1540 PCB 51675661 motors and general INFORMATION CCW CW

I  am writing this more for my information and its a bit of a work in progress here.

Teac used a few motors over the years mostly i cannot see any difference just in some of the bigger machines they seem a bit meatier as draw more current but not that much, I was not sure if they can be swapped around as I do not have the manuals here.


There seems to be 3 different Pcbs at least from what I can see and I am unsure of the pinouts so I have listed them here, some use a 14 pin chip some an 8 pin 2901 chip I dont see why these cannot be swapped over but anyway here is what  i have here

Brand new EM1450 and older EM1450 use Board 51675661 Photo now on

EM1446 51878860 NEWS !!!!

Steve from www.vintagetech.co.uk wrote to me something interesting

Notes that the motors are normally marked CCW guess thats counter clockwise, but a very few are Marked CCW and CW so the motors can be run both ways, I always thought that to be true for all of them but the dual marked CCW CW variants have a non polarised electrolytic inside rather than the standard and they have centred the brushes around the spindle rather than being attached at either end, much like the reel motors,

CCW left CCW CW right

EM 1449 51675661

EM 1449 51678860 waiting data

Looking from the Circuit board green pcb side with no components on molex facing towards you underneath.

Ten pin molex connector left to right

calling 1st connector left pin 1 though they may have it in reverse

pins 1-2 shorted together +2 (24)

pins 3-4 shorted together 0v

 5-6-7 shorted together

but on the pcb marked pin 5 +1 pin 6p+ pin 7 Sc

Pin 8 pr

Pin 9 H

pin 10 L

this board seems to be used for the dual speed machines








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