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Tascam Ninja

7 inch plastic reels various manufacturers (please read)

7 inch plastic reels various manufacturers (please read)

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I have lots and lots of 7 inch plastic reels many of which have tape on and are in a box or not or in a plastic case or not, Ampex , Quantegy Maxell etc


I am selling just the plastic reel only but because of the size of the reels they will have to go as a box, if you are buying just the reels you could get I guess 6-8 plastic reels in a box for one postage charge, if you want the tape as well you are welcome to it with 100% zero guarantee any of it will work as even though it says Maxell on the reel who knows whats actually on there, I have some reels look they was never used and some look like they have been spooled

But I am selling the plastic reels only, if you dont specify leave tape on then they will be despooled

Listing as I have had many people wanting to buy everything in one go or just needed a reel and already have to have a box so costs them no more to add a couple.

I will put the box as well sometimes or if asked I jsut grab them at radom

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