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Fostex G24S play record head 8259031000

Fostex G24S play record head 8259031000

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This is a very rare head that was actually new, I had it sent into the lapping factory who gave it a very very light lap and polish just to take off some surface tarnishing as had been sitting in a box and I had to be sure it was perfect.

All tested zero wear and the result back from the lap guy was

" a really lovely rare example of an unused head"

all tracks perfect all tests show correct inductance's.


These were a hell of a price when new.

I was keeping this until I got a G24S which I have now but that's got low hours so can release this finally, remember the 24 was a £14000 pound unit in 1990'S money.


Just put a few photos on. battery just to give you an idea about size ,



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