Collection: Tension arms, guides, rollers ,caps ,pegs etc

Please note the tape tension arms are normally the ones that move up and down as the tape moves along.  often they have mounted on the pin a roller and a cap to stop the roller coming off, at both sides of the roller is normally a black or clear teflon washer.

Tape guides are normally fixed and dont move, they wear after a lot of use and should be turned, these are sometimes called pegs as well but if the tape runs through them then they are a guide, pegs normally hold the tension arms in place

The tension arms are normally fixed in the centre and also can be fixed or move a little to get accurate feed of the tape across the heads they also have a teflon washer normally a bit larger on both sides of the arm.

Tape lifters are two (or more ) metal shafts that lift the tape away from the heads to save wear they also need turning from time to time