Opening Soon

Hello Everyone I am now closed for about ten days or less back around the 27th of March 2023. I am off on a business trip to pack up the next big shipment of Reel to Reels and Mixers and other parts from the UK, its about 6 pallets so takes some time. You can still see the website and even order stuff by typing the password TASCAM in upper case in the top right hand corner of this page. I cannot ship anything at this time, every order has been shipped and some tracking numbers will arrive later on 16th March. I can sometimes still answer emails so I will try and do as and when I can, please note if you use Gmail I cannot currently reply from my mail server due to a new security Gmail upgrade, I will reply from the site server when I can get online. Thanks everyone for your continued support it really means a lot to me. Tascam Ninja