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244 246 push buttons in various conditions

244 246 push buttons in various conditions

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One of the big headaches with these machines is the push buttons get brittle and snap off its a real pain.

The only solution that I see that works is to either cut a section out and re-glue it with a button that has ears on in or more commonly I have seen people gluing these with cable ties, yes really.

Basically they get the button and glue on two cable ties to the back of the button and then to the frame, looks ghastly but of course from the front you cannot see this

That's OK if you have a button , but if not you will need one of these.

Some of these will be just the button only, some will have one or two of the ears present some will have some of the frame present, I only guarantee you will get the button.

These maybe the same on some other portastudios

Also these can be a lighter grey colour or a smokey colour I will try and match them up if you ask.

How you fix them is up to you, maybe you will find a better way

Be careful how you centre these as I did one on my machine then had to redo it as it did not sit right so had to pad it out before gluing it to get the correct distance between top and the bottom



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