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Fostex R8 Record/play head 8259004000 8259004100 OR 8259004200

Fostex R8 Record/play head 8259004000 8259004100 OR 8259004200

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Record Play head from a Fostex R8 and Model 80

This is the later 200 version but they both work the same

These heads are really really rare now and with these machines coming back into service are likely to get rarer.

The last original stock I saw from Fostex was for sale at 300$ and that was years ago

I have managed to get hold of a few heads which were from machines with hardly any use at all.

As usual these have been sent off to be professionally re-lapped and the results from the shop were "good lots of life left" and they err on the cautious side ! this head will last a very long time I am most impressed by the condition of these so decided to offer them out to serious collectors.

all have been electrically tested and passed second inspection and re-lapped and polished.

Comes with inductance test report


I may get lower grade heads in if your on a budget

Please remember heads are the most expensive part of the machine so if you buy a machine for same price on ebay and find the heads are bad you now know why it was that price.


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