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QP1 Quplay auto record remote unit as seen

QP1 Quplay auto record remote unit as seen

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This is not for the faint hearted

I have some of these remotes, as I understand it they were used to auto program drop in and drop outs as for example if your playing a guitar its hard to do the drop in as your hands are full,

With this unit you can set it all up to drop in and out automatically

I do not know the pin-outs on these or really anything about them, the data maybe on the net somewhere but I have yet to find it, but I found an archived article on the web.

This from the Muzines site

They have a few articles there on how to use this

Both the units have the same 20 pin connector ,  I am guessing that its pre-wired for some machine but it will probably need wiring again and here I am at a loss.

It looks like a really handy bit of kit and it can save you making mistakes and wiping off something as you set it up before

Sold as seen in this case, If anyone has the information I would love a copy







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