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Saturn Research

Saturn Research 624 audio mother board 1-8 C124/2

Saturn Research 624 audio mother board 1-8 C124/2

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I have a bit of a thing about the Saturn Research machines who have a lot of bad press which was based on the Soundcraft first version/heresay etc  so as I believe there is a Soundcraft Saturn and a Saturn Research Saturn if that makes sense, please correct me if I am wrong.

Saturn Research was a buy out from what was then the Soundcraft group.

I know many people have had these and they run without any problems other have said the always went wrong etc etc and honestly did not know what/who to believe as to me if these machines followed on from the old successful 760 series which there was 3 versions : and the unit was being designed for many years before it was put into production by guys that really knew their stuff ( and put their own money in later on) , I cannot believe it would be bad.


Like all things these machines need setting up correctly and I know for sure they used much better heads in the later units,already I have seen some logic issues which are, it seems down to aging LS

So I have bought 4 machines two 624's and two 824's and want to restore one of each model and see when they are fully set up right how they perform, I have already sent one head block away to be re-lapped and a comment came back from the shop basically saying these are " way out" so would have not performed well, which matched up with a comment I heard from the owner said it was not very good machine doh !

If anyone has any information about anything to do with these ( I am hoping somewhere there is a garage full of diagrams spares maybe a list of suppliers programs etc )  get in touch please as they will be going to a good home.

So now I am going to offer the spare machines out  for people looking for parts.

This is the Audio mother board 1-8

Board tested in my own unit



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