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Soundcraft 200 series input module 2001

Soundcraft 200 series input module 2001

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This is still a very popular mixer, I have now chopped a 200 400b 800 mixer so that I can offer initially, tested units as is or re-capped and later I hope upgraded audio channels with modern ICS

This is a complete working unit without knobs and fader cap but includes the metal panel

They made different versions of this mixer for broadcast or studio work often listed as 200B SR etc but this is the original series 200

Some of the modues where they have a suffix are probably compatable but I am not certain about this one as the connector is mounted vertically to slide into the back panel, there is however space to add a horizontal connector.

Re-capped boards may not be always in stock initially but have listed them now.

Contact me for postage and delivery options

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