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Soundcraft 2400 200 400 800 mixer knobs

Soundcraft 2400 200 400 800 mixer knobs

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Original knob from the Big 2400 mixer but were widely used in the very early

Soundcraft desks and are rare now.

So far they are used in the series 2400, 800 200 400 **and on the Soundcraft 760 remotes

These desks have very good EQ,s in and now with the advent of modern low noise op amps they are being revamped are really sound great

ok size 14.25mm  high
13.87mm wide at widest point its a d push on looks like 4mm


I have these in different colours price for 1 for a bigger quantity they can be cheaper.


****Please note I have been advised that the 200B uses a smaller knob though i have not seen one personally yet its I believe the same size as the small knob on the Venue though not sure if the colour is right, always  be careful if its not a straight 200 as letters after means that its a different item.

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