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Soundcraft analog aluminium extrustions 800 and 400B

Soundcraft analog aluminium extrustions 800 and 400B

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This is a very unusual listing.

I chop mixers down to make smaller mixers for testing but i get asked from time to time people that are extending a mixer or making and extra side car or are wishing to build there own mixer and are looking for a heavy quality extrusion.

I have various off cuts here for the 800 series about a meter long and the 400 series a bit shorter, They are normally in three types the heavy back part ( and its really a weight in aluminum a topbox bar over the VU area and a front rest bar.

Its these that make the mixers crazy heavy and one of the reasons they were so expensive I am guessing a big mixer like the 2400 must have cost hundred of pounds in late 70/80's money.

I am not sure how these could be shipped but have listed as could form the basis of a very interesting project.

Price on application but probably around 90£ for the 200 130£ for he 400b for the chopped ones i have in stock now thats for the 3 of one size ( back top and front)





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