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Soundcraft MH4 Knob

Soundcraft MH4 Knob


The Soundcraft MH4 was and is a really well designed and solidly built mixer

These knobs may have been common to others but as yet have not seen them

so listing like these

They used 3 main types

Single thin knob 15.07mm high 11 mm wide at skirt

Grey,Black, Light Blue, White,Yellow, Aqua Green, Red a a single Green,Orange and Blue

A double Knob total height approx 24.5mm (top 10.5 mm bottom 17.3mm)

These came in Black,  Orangey Red, Blue, Green, Grey

And a larger single knob  17.5mm tall 13.95mm wide at skirt

These came in Yellow , Red.



One customer asked me a very good question " which way is the D shape"

before this I always thought they would all be the same but when I looked from behind with the top up, sometimes the flat side of the D would be on the left sometimes at the bottom, if your buying for another mixer just have a check and then send me a note I will check they match up


If I find these on other mixers the same size I will add here

All prices are for on knob or one pair of a dual knob

all single knobs for 6mm D style double knobs for 6mm rectangular style

all are used



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