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Soundcraft Saturn 624 head rollers

Soundcraft Saturn 624 head rollers

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These are the head rollers from the Saturn 624 they maybe the same as the 824 or 940

Do not make the same mistake as I did , I took these off and sent my heads away for a relap but they have to be sent together as they are carefully set with washers to the correct height to get the tape to travel across the heads correctly so after factory set up they should not need ever taking off, if you need to change a bearing you must record how many washers were there and in what order and when you refit back you put back in the same order.

My head guy was spitting feathers as its very very hard to align the heads if these are not right,

Selling as an assembly and you may get some washers if they was fitted in there though they are nothing special.

The only way you can set the head stack up right is by using the Erase head to line everything up as that a fixed unit so all must match to that




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