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Soundcraft Spirit Studio ,and other mixer knobs (price per 1)

Soundcraft Spirit Studio ,and other mixer knobs (price per 1)

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These knobs are from my mixer that is worth more broken up than to be sold whole which is sad but
what too do here.

I was selling these in a mixed pack but many people want just 1 or 2 knobs, I want to help people out but one knob is really not economical as you have to put it in a jiffy bag post it (thats over 1 pounds gone) plus pay for listing and credit card and ebay or whoevers fees, so here the cost of selling one or two knobs has more to do with the service than the part.

However people really only want one knob so tried to meet people half way these knobs are sold by colour in singles for 2.95 each plus the postage.

you can get i think 10+ knobs in the jiffy bag for a large letter.

Be careful when buying other mixer knobs for your mixer as I bought some before here and they was
too tall or too fat etc very annoying on a big desk as stick out

The size is 14.5mm high 14mm wide to suit 1/4 inch D shaft

These are the genuine part, they will of course suit other projects

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