Spare parts for TEAC and Tascam recorders
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Soundtracs and others Bright pink knobs plus others 1/4 inch D shaft


I bought these as a job lot to get some caps I needed, most of the stock are stunningly bright pink !! have tons of them, I believe they was from a Soundtracs Topaz or some other bright console

Actually very good quality

All types are for 1/4 inch D shaped pot shafts

Sizes are 17.5mm high 12.15mm wide in different colours and another 23.3mm high also 12.5mm at widest point, this style has a skirt in same colour as the knob or anotherand I am guessing they were for longer pots say 20mm that were set on an internal raised panel so as to make the  front panel more tidy



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