Tascam 202 tape head assembly relapped place holder please read

Tascam 202 tape head assembly relapped place holder please read

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These have just arrived and are here now waiting to go to the relap shop

These heads new are a lot of money but often you can find a second hand unit cheap and take a chance, I have however some duplication shops that want to buy guaranteed heads so I have listed these now until they get shipped and returned to me as will only send a few off

This head is clever as it can turn itself upside down


I was selling these heads "as is" straight from the machine but then had a few issues with people saying they are worn etc etc

So now I am doing the following

I send the heads away to be professionally relapped and tested

Heads are sent to the relap shop and examined they (not me) determine if the heads are good enough for sale,

They are Initially inspected , if they are deemed to be too far gone they will be rejected and thrown away.

Then they have to be  electrically checked for inductance, again if any problems they are binned.

Then they get relapped back to the correct specification, this is not an easy job as often on the heads there is an uneven wear pattern so this has to be corrected.

After the heads are re examined microscopically if no good they will be rejected, if ok they will be retested and a test report of the Inductances both before and after is created.

They are then sent back to me, all of this costs a lot of money and time.



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