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Tascam 246 plastic knob in single or double variants

Tascam 246 plastic knob in single or double variants

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First off, these are RARE these are from the last of the Famous big Portastudios the Rolls Royce 246

These are never normally broken for parts and few if any parts are available and this is a first time offering from me.

Oh did I say they are RARE.

I was begged by one collector to break a very expensive machine as he wanted to make a museum piece and broke my arm virtually to do it , I paid a hefty 3 figure sum to obtain a mint one.

They are not standard knobs or caps and were as far as I am aware only used on this model , there is a small single, a larger single with a ridge and a dual with a ridge so not same as 244.

Price is for 1 knob or 1 double knob

I have some blues ones that have changed colour to almost like a sherwood green, they can be cheaper 2.50 each

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