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Tascam 34 power transformer 5320015400

Tascam 34 power transformer 5320015400

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Used in a UK Tascam 34 and may well be used in some other models

in the 34 B they add a 1 to the end of all the transformers but  i think they are the same

for my own information, as they may have kept the wiring standard 

5320015200 is USA and Canada input wires brown and white

5320015300 is general export all volts input wires red violet brown grey


5320015400 is EU 220 Volt input wires violet white

5320015500 is UK and Australia 240 Volts  Input wires red white

There is also a Japan one at a 100 volts input wires grey white but I do not know the part number 


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