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Tascam Ninja

Tascam 488 key set push button bank

Tascam 488 key set push button bank

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I have three sets here , price for on

The Keybutton set is broken , these all break over time but its possible to take outbutton from the set by cutting the back bar away then regluing one in, you cannot do this if the wings to the button are broken, there maybe another way but thats how i do it.

They are all very fragile and commonly the switch below breaks so you have to push further and wack the button breaks, yo may get the one in the photo or another so if yo need exactly one button ok let me know before ordering.

They are the same I think on the 424 , but the 688 is coming back into fashion now and price is rocketing up so repairs will be needed.

1-8 set is ok

7 button set is ok



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