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Tascam M-3500 4 group complete block section

Tascam M-3500 4 group complete block section

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This is a complete 4 input section for the Tascam M-3500 and can just drop in if needed, no knobs or faders and is for people who have a mixer and want to buy some input modules in the most economical way or they have had their mixer chopped and want to refurbish to original specs

Includes all 4 input a and 4 input b channels plus the two pcbs that hold the channels together and metal frame, its an ideal purchase if you are thinking of restoring a unit as offers a huge saving over buying separate pots etc.

I am not sure if its the same as the M-3700 as to me they are similar just they added automation to the later model

Some people have been sending this block away to be re-chipped with modern op amps and I have heard good reports about these upgrades, in this case we can ship the unit to a third party


Postage is a problem here as its a heavy section, contact us for a qoute,






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