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Tascam RC-65 Remote control unit and cable with plug

Tascam RC-65 Remote control unit and cable with plug

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This is an almost impossible item to find, and to find one that's working,with the original lead and plug is really rare.

As I understand it this is used on the MS-16 and some of the ATR units, I actually had an ATR-60 here so could plug it in and the scary alien colour green LEDS came on, the unit functioned perfectly. good cosmetic condition , guaranteed to work. I do not remember if the buttons light up, will check later as some are not lit on some of these remotes.

These used to be a hell price new and I have seen them on Reverb  higher and sold.

This has the original blue Hirose cable connector on ,so it fits the standard Tascam sockets on the back of your unit, sometimes people have chopped that off to put the Edac style connector to maybe use on a 48 or another machine, its a nightmare to rewire back to original and often the plug and shroud are 80-90£


This is original in all details 100% guaranteed

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