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Tascam Ninja

Tascam Syncacassette 225 control belt

Tascam Syncacassette 225 control belt

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Many models for which I want to stock belts for I was unable to find which belt fitted which model

So as I collect  Tascam and Teac stuff if I see one comes up I buy it .

Then I can see how it comes apart and what items are needed to get it going.

On first inspection I was not sure how the heads are engaged or dis engaged but I see there is a second belt behind the fly wheel which does that job, how it does it I have not looked as need put a belt on.

There is some simple belts for the counter which I probably have they are nothing special

The Capstan belt is another matter its a really odd size and I have not come across it before so trying to source that now but this control belt I had so updated my site

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