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Tascam Ninja

Various Tascam TEAC Fostex Rack Ears Rails black (pair) R8 38 22-2 X-300 X-7 X-3 A-2 A-4 A-8, Model 80 A-3440 A-3440S TSR-8

Various Tascam TEAC Fostex Rack Ears Rails black (pair) R8 38 22-2 X-300 X-7 X-3 A-2 A-4 A-8, Model 80 A-3440 A-3440S TSR-8

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Reel to Reels look way cool in a Rack so on odd occasions I come across a unit that is going to be parted out, I have saved these rails till I had a few then have had some copies bent up to suit standard rack units.

Made from Aluminium angle and CNC cut notches then sanded, primed and painted in a matt type finish


Fostex R8 Black

Fostex A-2- A-4  A-8  (brown)

Fostex Model 80 (black)

Tascam 22-2 (Brown)

Tascam X-300 X-7 X-3 and many others (Black)

(these are same size as the 22-2 and probably fit all models of this size with height

Tascam  22-4 Black

Tascam TSR-8

Tascam 32 34 38 Brown (very cool) Teac original part number RM-300

A-3440 A-3340 A-3340S Please read below

These are the latest delivery but on these rack rails, its not so straight forward, we have a standard rack here that fits all of our equipment but when we tried to put the A-3440 in it left only a few mm not enough to make a good angle, I know that Teac did a rack kit and it has a good 3cm on each side, it was probably extruded .

But that does not work in our rack, maybe people bought some rack panel rails  and made a custom rack that would be the way to go if you want to keep the wood.

I have removed the wood from my machine here and unlike others manufacturers or the original Teac ones , I have made a full side so its very solid and fitted at 4 points not 2 , as its all metal it makes for a much better screening from buzz and hum.

My rack unit is slightly set back so I had to add some spacing washers, these are not included as I don't know what rack you might have, but included is 2 sets of bolts one for use without the wood panels one for with if that makes sense. there i a location lug on the frame , you need to remove that.

TSR-8 in black now in stock



More will follow but I try to find the originals to get the size just right, it maybe that some models fit others in the range, if you have any spare that I can copy let me know, if anyone knows the original designations from the manufacturers parts list that would be helpful

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