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Tascam Teac TZ-612 spare parts

Tascam Teac TZ-612 spare parts

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I have listed this as its a bit of fun and maybe will help someone out

These adapters right now are no longer made, normally people do not put the little felt hubs on the reel tables that are really important to buffer the stresses of opening and closing, if its not there they crack very easy, but over time one section always breaks

But its not uncommon for other parts to fail, many hubs have been thrown away as missing one part so I have listed these to see how it goes and maybe help someone out

There are many different variations and some parts are common in the other hubs but I have listed these as i have them

I am not sure of the terminolgy here so the assembly bottom uo is the base ring (thats normally the width of the tape, Big washer ,middle section with fingers , grooved hand grip and a holding cap thats normally writtem TZ-612 or other to denote what model it was later they just wrote Tascam or Teac

Hope that makes sense, i do not always have the small screws, I will suppy if I have with the top cap as maybe someone wants to match up the originals

I believe the top parts may have been common but dont have one to check here


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