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TASCAM TSR8 Capstan shaft

TASCAM TSR8 Capstan shaft


Capstan shaft from a TASCAM TSR8 recorder, this seems to be a pretty standard shaft that Tascam and TEAC have used for some time now
for sure it fits the bearings i have for an A3440 etc, nice and roughed up again as sometimes they get glassed or caked up.
Its an easy change to make if you want swap out your old for a new, open the back of the unit get to the thrust plate, take that off
and then using an Allen key undo the two metric grub screws in the fly wheel then you can just pull it out, when replacing always
leave a little play (space) of about 1mm to allow the wheel to move forward or back a little don't ram it tight against the plate or you will
knacker your belt, it needs this play to centre the belt and run freely

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