Spare parts for TEAC and Tascam recorders
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Teac 38 REC/RPLY head 53783004 8 track

Teac 38 REC/RPLY head 53783004 8 track


These are the standard TEAC heads part number  53783004 these are used and a little worn I have tried to show the heads at their worse, in fact they are not bad
and when I ran an MRL test tape got good tone from them all, I can get new heads through my other company but now they have become very expensive several hundred pounds
at least new.

If you have a machine and just want to get a few tracks off it or want to play about then these heads are fine for that, they can be relapped though only a few companies offer this service now

JRF Magnetics in the states is one

The wear track is about 5mm but it seems the heads are made of stronger metal and still have a nice bump on them, they have the connector on the end so easy to replace

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