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Teac T-9 front panel

Teac T-9 front panel

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Fair panel from the the T-9 couple of small niks and priced accordingly

I have a bit of a "thing" about this range of Hi-Fi I think it was designed really well cosmetically unlike many silver boxes of the time, the whole set use to cost 3500 Euro.

For that money you got a pair of speakers in two wattage levels, and amp the same , a cassette recorder with funky lights, and a Tuner. There was also a few variants of a record player at that time

If you was lucky they also made a special series of chrome legs and stand and a system box to put the units in. it was really very very futuristic and minimalistic, the stands of the original system are now rare, here is a link from the original add

The system even now if you have it complete would not look out of place in the best hotel lobby's as an art object

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