Spare parts for TEAC and Tascam recorders
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TEAC Tascam 1 inch  Record/Repro Head MSR24 53783088

TEAC Tascam 1 inch Record/Repro Head MSR24 53783088


Teac Tascam head for the MSR24

New these would be thousands now, I have gone out of my way to show these heads
in the worst possible light/situation so you can see the wear lines etc, many people just do a head on shot
so you cannot be clear how much wear a unit has had.

This came from a home machine and I would say is the same or a tad better than others advertised
here, I would not recommend a relap on this head though many people might, , reason being is there is a very even wear over the head not the type of triangular wear patter indicating the head was positioned slighty forward
or back and still a nice bump on the front

Only have the one and its listed on Ebay so may get sold before this
listing is ended.

Includes the block and two screws that are needed below.

Only a specialist can really say head life though some advertise 50-60% for similar heads I would say less
but I always judge heads on the conservative side.

Its a lot of money so we now have a head relap company doing our head, we are happy to ship to them for a look and if ok you buy the part and pay for the shipping to  the relap shop ( and pay them for the relap and shipping to you)

all head connectors are present

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