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Teac Tascam 38 motor model EM1542

Teac Tascam 38 motor model EM1542


Teac/Tascam reel to reel motor Model EM1542
This was taken from a TASCAM 38 8 track recorder but this motor is used in many
of the Teac reel to reel tape machines
This unit was working fine when pulled from a machine here 
24 volts operation,
Brushes can be removed.
There is a lot of torque on this motor
The motor can easily be stripped down and cleaned as the unit is not sealed, add 10 pounds if you
would like me to do this, or for an extra 20 pounds i can fit new bearings so that will 78 pounds.

You can send me your motor and i will repair it
If you are using old Ampex tapes etc this tape is now long past its deadline and suffers from SSS
(sticky shed syndrome) meaning that the motor just cannot rewind the tape especially if clogged
up with time, if you see a lot of tape shed (rust looking particles and black the tape path) you really
need get the motor out and serviced and the tape changed
Originally I had thought this was from also the 32 34 series but was corrected they use a smaller motor there
Update now being fitted with new SKF low energy bearings, they really shift now.
I have noted that these come in two shaft lengths I do not think it makes a problem but if you need please specify

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