Spare parts for TEAC and Tascam recorders
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Teac Tascam Capstan motor PCB 51675661

Teac Tascam Capstan motor PCB 51675661


This is the standard PCB for controlling the capstan motor of many of the TEAC TASCAM reel to reel recorders going back many years, I have seen
some differences in some , maybe some newer componnts etc etc but they always have the same connector so should be compatible, you see sometimes
people selling motors without this board as normally they are sold together or get seperated when people parting out a machine.

I have as original and also i have just seen one where someone has added new cermet pots , nice job actually, if you want that one ask



For sure works with  EM1446

And same for EM1450

I have a few of these from my machines i have broken to get other parts I needed.

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