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Teac Tascam TZ-612 NAB adapter 1/4 inch Brand NEW

Teac Tascam TZ-612 NAB adapter 1/4 inch Brand NEW

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These are Brand new adapters not new old stock or looks like new or nearly new etc etc.

They are BRAND NEW


These have come directly from Teac In Japan recently  and was last we could get.from them full tracability to the Factory.

Two things about these adapters, the first is that they get rigid over time and liable to splitting (talking years here) the second is in most cases you need to put a small piece of felt underneath like a washer so when you tighten them they dont go hard down and break thats the most common cause of failiure, we have the original felt washers listed elsewhere.

These are designed to hold the reels in place dont over force them.

These are marked "Tascam" I only have a dozen or so.





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