Teac Tascam unknown record play head marked C0510

Teac Tascam unknown record play head marked C0510

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I sent a big box of heads to the lapshop and they returned but stupid me forgot from what machines they came from and these were not Teac's own heads as by this time they  probably was buying them in rather than making themselves

I try and keep a stock of transports and this looks similar  to some of the later 122mk2 ,it has a 6 way molex connector white. its only a two track head.

If anyone can help me put a deck to this it would be great, I think the K number is a lot code. its a half width head so it was from a newer deck


Tested with a report, Please note its common from even unused heads to have minor cracks in the material as its a natural product, this is tested and does not effect the function.

Most of the cost here is lapping and the freight to and fro.



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