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Teac X-7 X-10 plate assembly slide 5504733000?

Teac X-7 X-10 plate assembly slide 5504733000?

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So here is an interesting part that was used with different variations in the X series

I did not see which machine this was used in but from a manual of the X-7 I took the part number , BUT!!! I saw that there is a bar that runs from this which does not appear in that manual and as its not removable I am guessing it comes as a set with that part number, however I have two variants and I do not know which is which ( I mean the bar at the top is a different length) maybe it was different on each machine maybe it was on reversing machines I do not now.

Let me know what one you have and that can narrow it down

These have been refaced to remove the tape wear and now there is a clear front presented to the tape


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