Spare parts for TEAC and Tascam recorders
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Teac Tascam 38 VU meter part 5296003300 retro

Teac Tascam 38 VU meter part 5296003300 retro


TEAC TASCAM 38 and other series VU meter removed from working equipment
This is the standard VU meter used in many machines and have been taken
from machines being parted out and re-tested
They have a light which has been checked and the movement reads about 1.25k ohm
so you can check your own
Commonly people change the meters when in fact the channel is actually faulty
though its also common to "prang" one when someone pulls the plug out of a mixer and
the mains buzz bends the needle and take out the movement
They have a nice Retro feel these meters and are no longer made so suitable for
other products if you want to give something that original look
always a good seller and worth keeping a few spare

I have more n stock if you need just ask for an invoice first

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