Capstan motors TEAC EM1446 EM1450 thoughts

I have noted (perhaps its just me being stupid) that when these things are new they draw a certain amount of current, best I have seen being 83 mA worse 200+ mA, I was thinking maybe as brushes wear down then more current is drawn but I am not a motor man, but it seems a good way to check if there is some life in the motor or at least what life will be there.

Can anyone put me straight here??

I want of course to sell good motors for good prices but also if I know a motor has a limited life left can offer these out much cheaper to someone that just wants to get a machine running to get some old tracks off etc etc


I am playing with Some Portastudios now and have a load of Tascam Cassette decks arriving, finding a source of belts is annoying as I order belts from 3 people for one machine and get 3 different sizes.

Probably as I get a belt in and I see it works will buy exactly more for my stock but put a few here.

I am not a daily blogger just write when something comes up


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Motor Current Draw.
The state of the motor bearings will obviously have a big effect on current draw. A motor with nice oiled bearings will draw less current than a motor that has dried out bearings and is nearing the point of ceasing up. Another thing to take in account is how well the brushes have been set up as well as on how much they are worn. A Teac EM1446 24 volt motor is rated at 7 watts and should draw around 290mA (W=VxI) but I don’t know if Teac rate their motors off or on load. If that is the on load rating then off load it should draw less current. In all it can be a bit of a mine field.

Bruce Varney

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