Spare parts for TEAC and Tascam recorders
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Shipping and postage FAQs Please read before ordering anything

I write this here though people never read this.

Please If you are ordering Multiple/Heavy/overseas items the site cannot always work it out so you will get a "no shipping options" message.

Contact me first


I am shipping from Greece normally, Just recently the post office has changed their structure, no longer do they offer Local/EU/Non Eu/ Rest of world price they have only local and everything else so its the same price to send to Peru as to UK.

They are also offering some faster services which I will add

They now have letter post under 5mm and the small packet post to 20mm and the bulky items over 20mm but these are up to 500 grams, but say a simple foot costing 5-8 pounds is over 20mm then it has to go as a bulky item which as of today is 7.50 slow, 8.50 fast and 11.00 tracked and registered, so its worth while ordering more.

I have an Min post and packing of 3.95

Sometimes the post office is busy and they take my items and send by weight as no time to measure them, I do not always see what stamps they put on and thats beyond my control.

For Tax Reasons I cannot sell anything in Greece, Greek customers must buy from a UK company and I send to them from here.

There are very long lead times now to UK and USA with 2 months being common for economy services