Spare parts for TEAC and Tascam recorders
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About Us




Tascam ninjas store has been set up to supply second hand parts for old reel to reels and mixers , cassette recorders etc

Mainly Teac TASCAM and Soundcraft and Fostex equipment, this came from the fact that in many cases I had to buy 3-4 machines to get the parts I needed to get mine working, many people also had the same problem, so I listed a few parts I did not need on Ebay and they sold well so gave me funds to buy more machines.

Ebay however limited what I could put on there and many parts only sell maybe 1 time in 2-3 years which they dont like you to list, so i decided to list key items on Ebay and the rest here

Originally and still partly based in Leicester I moved all the stock over to Greece as its more of a hobby that a business and my house was becoming over run with machines I had bought or been donated.

I also make old radio components so needed more space, it seemed logical to combine the two here in the new factory as was space available


Early days in the New place and a lot of headaches , Ebay is not currently up, so if you do not see an item here it may well be available so drop me a line.

Postage is an Issue here so please look often at the postage rates, now I have to work out a postage price each order, hopefully that will change