Search tips

Teac and Tascam often used similar if not the same parts on their machines and of course parts can be used for other purposes so when looking for a specific item: for example a Teac A3440 switch, you may find that part in the switch section, if mounted to a PCB you may find it in the parts by model section  if you are looking for a switch in general look about the site as often models used the same item, or Teac made a small reel version with a different model number, even look at other models to try and find the part you need

If an item is not listed on here please check my Ebay site, go to advanced search and search for Tascamninja

If you still have no luck send me a message and I will see what I have or can add you to the people waiting for donor machines to come in.

I have over 40 machines here just in storage, some will be restored others will be parted out in order to get other machines working