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Tascam Ninja

1/4" variable resistors / volume controls / pots

1/4" variable resistors / volume controls / pots

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The Ninja is a little be mean so I try and recover as many parts as possible from old boards.

These are from one mixer, they have a quarter inch shaft and a nice feel to them though some might need a clean/turn a few times as I found some had been turned fully  one way or the other I guess it was left and right pan, so they needed a twiddle.

They have the D shaft shape.

Nice and cheap and ideal if you want to replace a few, if you find any duff ones I will replace FOC

I have a lot of these but have not desoldered them all yet so if you need a higher quantity let me know.

Normally on pots A = log and B = lin though for some odd reason that changed  that around in older units but I have presumed thats what these are some are marked with a C which I am uncertain about, though there was a commercial log pot used for audio purposes so C seems to be a log type.



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