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EM1542 Teac Motor Spares

EM1542 Teac Motor Spares

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I have pulled apart a lot of these motors and its very often I find bits missing inside or I loose them under the bench never to be seen again, in this Motor they used better glue to hold the magnets in but still they can break and for certain its going to be a big headache in the newer smaller motor models as I personally have seen 3-4 broken now, so have broken a few motors down into the composite parts.

The central motor winding will come with or without any original bearings but I am selling without, its recommended you change these, don't try to re oil them they need changing period, they were packed with grease for life so if they have been sitting the upper inside part will corrode so they cant be re done.

I am now fitting ultra low friction bearings, they really shift now and are much quieter


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