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Fostex 350 and others Variable resistors alps 381 series

Fostex 350 and others Variable resistors alps 381 series

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A range of variable resistors from the Fostex 350 and maybe 250 made by Alps, If anyone has the complete old Alps datasheet it would be welcomed as I need to put the correct manufacturers part numbers.

These were very widely used is many audio mixers and other equipment , I have taken a lot of time to get this listing right with as much information as possible

Carefully removed and will be cleaned before shipment.

I have the following in stock now

Single  381P 20KC PLAIN 4 LEGS R161/261 ETC 8240010000

Dual  381N 5KNM PLAIN 6 LEGS R162/262 ETC 8240011000

Single  381P 50KA PLAIN 4 LEGS R163/263 ETC 8240012000

Single  381P 20KA PLAIN 4 LEGS R170/270 ETC 8240017000

Single  382P 10KW CENTRE DETENT 4 LEGS R166/266 8240000300

Dual   375N 5KAC 6 LEGS R164/264 ETC 8240013000

Dual   381N 50KCX2 PLAIN  6 LEGS R165/265 ETC 8240016000

Dual   381N 10KAX2 PLAIN 6 LEGS R019 8240009000

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