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Fostex B16 main internal panel ( two variants)

Fostex B16 main internal panel ( two variants)

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I did not have the heart to scrap this its the main aluminium panel inside a Fostex B16, you can see why this was a very expensive machine, the whole machine depends on this panel being mechanically stable.

If you have a unit that's been dropped you will need this.


I knew that the B16 was in production a long time and their were at least two variations and in those many of the PCB boards had later versions, but today I found a 3rd ! version which used different motors etc I think this must have been one of the first ones of the Factory floor, it used a different plate as you can see there are large holes for the motors, rather than the smaller hole with three drill holes around, I have listed that as a separate part for people who want to restore that earlier model (at least I think its earlier)


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