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Tascam Ninja

Fostex B16 VU LT-1104 F6122 8256019000

Fostex B16 VU LT-1104 F6122 8256019000

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I have these in stock but are not !!!!!!currently selling them as simply Fostex made rubbish units and they always go wrong

I saw one man In Germany who was re-chipping them with 0603 LED's

Now I am collecting these till I have a few hundred then will get them all re-chipped as its not worth doing them in one or two units at a time.

Listed them here so people can understand the problem, if you want to try yourself you need cut off the white plastic that pops out from the PCB side, you can then just lift off the plastic shell and see the LED'S which were very very cheap wire ended ones I have no idea why in a million years they made these like that on machines costing thousands of pounds




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