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Fostex G16 G24 input channel 8251878-001 r/p amp

Fostex G16 G24 input channel 8251878-001 r/p amp

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Ok so there is some story here

This is a panel from the G16 and also the G24 probably S versions, commonly techs call this the "three chip one"

I am selling these boards in 2 forms, initially sold as seen and 90% chance they do not work

I had to list them as they would get lost.

The problem is that they used very early electrolytic SMT capacitors and they fail , you need to change all of them, often I bid on a unit on ebay say 150-200£ in good condition and loose to someone who buys it at 600£ that's really daft as you need to recap 16 boards and that's a lot of time, the 24 track version must take 3 days of tech time plus the parts and retesting etc.

I am going to initially offer as is and you recap them, or in spring a tested recapped channel, I see some guys doing this service and its 1200£ and you need send in your own cards. 

That's a hefty chunk of money for most Music guys, So I will be selling like one to two channels at a time so people can fix their machine bit by bit.

Probably I will sell the Channel as is ( needs recapping) or a recapped channel tested and ok to go, or lastly you send me your channel and there is a recap charge per channel.

I have not really looked deeply into this yet as many people are quite competent with a small soldering iron bit. there are about 30 caps to change

I may offer like capacitor kits so you can just order in one hit as its tricky to order as some suppliers have some caps others another, last time I looked at this I needed to buy from 5 suppliers which is a headache as have all the taxes etc

This is the 001 version, there is a single chip version but I have never found the plans for that, Tascam were much better at producing service manuals and updates, if anyone has the later version I would love a copy.

Now  have listed like this and await the feedback


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