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Fostex G16S G24S later version one chip rec play pcb R/P AMP 8251897-101

Fostex G16S G24S later version one chip rec play pcb R/P AMP 8251897-101

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Some news here

I was informed by Costa AKA "vyper883 from Tapeheads that he found there are 2 versions of this card with the same pcb number but C80 etc has been changed probably because of differences in the head, so C80 can be 0.15uf/R150 for the G16S and 0.22uf/R220 for the G24S.

There maybe other part changes and in theory I am guessing they both work but not as good, You can mix the single and 3 chip boards as long as you get the correct C80 variant it seems.


I am listing these or they will get lost .  this is the second version of the pcb they made in there last machines, previously there was an add on 3 chip dolby pcb.

None of these in stock work, as they have to be recapped, which I will set up next year to do.

Its a hell of a job to do 24 boards and I have seen other guys offering a complete recap for 1000£ + which is probably right if you was charging by the normal tech hourly rate.

I intend to recap these and sell  the boards in singles so people on a budget can get just a few boards at a time.

There is a mystery about this last variant in that as far as I can see they never released the circuit diagrams, though I have just had a new manual arrive .

I will sell a few boards as is for people that fancy recapping one


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