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Fostex Model 80 1/4 inch Pinch wheel for refurbishment 5mm hole S450

Fostex Model 80 1/4 inch Pinch wheel for refurbishment 5mm hole S450

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These are USED pinch wheels which I believe were used on the models listed below, many people selling pinch wheels now are often selling new but old stock, the life of a wheel in service is about 4 years if used all the time but should be changed anyway after that, units that are older or sit around on the shelf become hard or loose their grip as rubber ages used or not.

On old units they glass up or worse turn into a really gooey sticky mess.

You just cannot sell a new but old stock that has sat in a bag 5 years and think its will perfom well.

There is a company called Terrys rubbers in the states he will refurbish your old roller with brand new rubber thats the same (or as many people tell me) much better than new.

I would like to sell his rollers but he has a universal price, so why buy from me for 40 pounds if you can buy from him for 35, there is a problem though in that he needs an original to refurb, many times people dont have this, or they only have one and dont want to loose that so would like a spare, hence these used ones I have here.

The pinch wheel is often neglected yet is one of the most important part on your reel to reel, get new rubber and no reason why they wont last as long if not longer.


Dia hole 5mm, wheel size (old) 30mm though new maybe a bit bigger.

This roller seems larger than the R8 although it may just be less worn or the R8 wheel is closer to the capstand so does not have to travel so far, there is a slight difference in the centre bush, looks more like the Teac ones

Ok there are two versions , one at mm and one at 6mm these are the 5mm ones i have at the moment as they changed the bar for a 6mm in the later models



Fostex model 80

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