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Fostex R8 reel motor R4322-74461A

Fostex R8 reel motor R4322-74461A

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Motor from left or right side of the Fostex R8 reel to reel, i saw some different numbers but it appears the digits are the date code 851 week 1 1985


They have a brown or white molex plug on which change the motors Direction one wire is slightly longer, though you can easily desolder and swap around.

I cannot sell the gear cogs on their own as if taken off they wont re-fit.

The gear cogs slips or breaks its a very very common problem mainly caused by using old sticky tape or using studio thicker tape the R8 was designed to use the thinner tape for home use.

I am selling these just as motors no guarantee about the  pulley


I now have new metal pulleys in stock

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